Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Spring Paranormal Tour-Malvern, Pennsylvania

Just a few short days until the Spring Paranormal Tour at the amazing Paoli Battlefield, located in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

There are a few tickets still available for this event. Once sold out, we are sold out. To find out more information, we ask that you check out

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spooky Boo-galoo...

A large chunk of my time is spent either helping others, volunteering, or just going to work, then home, only to repeat the process the next day.  Today was really interesting.

I was on the way to work, not thinking that anything was going to interrupt the drive in to work.  I had my coffee, my white cheddar popcorn, amongst a few other odds and ends I purchase to get through the work day.  

I was playing the radio, not so loud, but loud enough where I could still hear myself think.  As I am listening to the radio, I hear what can only be described as radio interference in the car.  I am thinking that the signals are getting crossed somewhere.  But what do you think when you turn the radio off and that's all you can still hear?

It sounded like a flood of voices coming through my head, all through white noise.  Like I was listening to an SB 7 Spirit Box, but the voices were loud and clear.  So many voices.  Made my head hurt.  Thank goodness for Tylenol and Aleve.

I will be keeping an eye on this as it develops.  Will keep you all posted.

Daytime Shadows and Bright Orbs...

Hello there, my spooky darlings.  Hope all is creepy.  I have had a few new experiences, so you know me.  I like to share.

During the day, I have been seeing shadows and bright orbs crossing my path.  The orbs mainly travel down the hall and from the bathroom to my room.  They seem familiar, mostly curious about how I can see and sense them before most people in the house.  On rare occasions, I catch one of the cats following them along the mantle, into a room, or around a corner.  

The shadows follow me down the hall, mostly travelling beside me.  Almost like they were keeping watch, protecting me.  Again, I feel as if they are more curious, wondering why I can see and sense them.  Some of them are hiding their true selves, therefore, appearing as shadows.  

This has all been happening within the last few weeks. I will keep all posted as to my progress.

There is one piece of worry though.  

My nephew tells me that he's been seeing monsters in the house.  I tell him that they are not real, even though he can see through my lies.  I always ask him where he sees them.  In his room, around the house.  Again, more curiosity.  The moment that they interfere, they are in serious trouble.

I don't play nice when it comes to things messing with my nephew...

Monday, April 16, 2018

Friendly Words of Warning...

I am an ordained minister of over 20 years of experience.  I am well read on the subject of Wicca and witchcraft.  I have over 20 years of self taught education in alternative religion and the occult.  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher since 1999.  As well as a sensitive, empath, psychic medium, call it what you will.

This is what I need to say.

There are many shows that depict magic, using spells, summoning spirits, and using ouija boards.  DO NOT MESS WITH ANYTHING METAPHYSICAL, SUPERNATURAL, or PARANORMAL, especially ouija boards.  

When you add intent to a spell or summoning, you could open up a can of whoop ass without even knowing it.  You could harm yourself, your family, or your property.  The one thing that the books don't tell you is that spirits can attach themselves to you, meaning no matter what you do, they will follow you wherever you go. 

If you have already, make sure to seek the right type of help.  You may think sage is the answer, but it may not be the right answer.  You may want to cleanse your home, but all you could possibly do is to piss whatever it is off.  

Put that book down, don't try it because it's cool, don't even think about buying that ouija board.  Just walk away.  It's safer...

White Noise Working...

Since I have had my SB 7 Spirit Box, I hadn't had a real chance to test the device out, to put it through its paces so to speak. So, I decided to do a 10 day on the job test, using different sweep rated, along with sweeping in both reverse and forward.

I would ask a series of 10 questions for each sweep rate, going forwards and backwards.  I did receive responses to one particular set of questions.  Being sensitive, I always feel things around me.  At work, especially, where my name is called, I feel touches, cold spots, whispers.  A lot of times, it catches me off guard.  

I turn on the box.  I ask, "Who is here with me?"  I hear the names Ethan, Erik, Walter and Bob.  Bob is a name I have heard before.  During my last paranormal tour, Bob was a name I had caught previously through the box.  I was curious as to who Walter, Erik and Ethan were.  I mean, it was like a spiritual sausage fest around me.  Me, of all people.

The next question was entertaining.  I had to ask, "Where did you guys come from?" What I heard next nearly made me poop a brick.  It was two words, four syllables.  The response I received was, "The battlefield."  

I have visited many a supernatural place, but there's one battlefield I have been to in recent years and that is the Paoli Historical Battlefield, in Malvern, PA.  This is one place that I adore coming .  I feel calm and peaceful there, as if everything makes sense.  I feel like I can put my anxiety medicine in the trash and be free of them.  

Apparently, the spirits there like it when I come to visit them, pay respects at the mass grave.  leave roses as a way of saying thank you for their sacrifices.  An associate of mine had asked if they were happy with my arrival.  The dowsing rods they carry showed a definite yes.

Can you blame them?  I am pretty cool...

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

It has been a busy time for your old friend here.  I have been cleaning out my closets of things I do not use or things I no longer wear.  Items that haven't been touched in years are going in for donation.  You are probably wondering why I have been doing this.

Without getting in to too much detail, there is a good chance that I may have to move away, somewhere that will be vital to my growth, my health, and my abilities as an empath and psychic medium.  The reasons behind it hurt like Hell, all being at the hands at a family member.  If this is how it needs to be, then so be it.

But I worry a lot.  The main reason being is that my nephew has abilities, much like I do.  As he gets older, I find that they may be getting somewhat stronger.  He used to see phantom cows and sheep in the field where the house is located (under investigation, my grandmother and grandfather would keep goats, sheep and black Angus cows in this field).  

Now, he has mentioned seeing monsters in his room.  I keep telling him that they are not real.  That they are figments of his imagination.  Deep down though, I know the truth.  I know that the monsters are real.  I know what is in the dark, in the closet, under his bed.  I don't like lying to the boy.  I am praying that he grows out of this, but something tells me that he's going to be a very special child as he grows up.

Then again, he could grow up like I did...

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Feeling the Touch of the Dead...

There are times where things seem calm, but there are times where it feels like a tornado of thoughts, of emotions, of energy.  Lately, it feels like a mix of the two ends.

I am feeling more and more dead touch me.  It's not in a negative way either.  Mostly, they use it to gain my attention, like a kid that wants their parent to see something.  I feel the hair on my arms rise, it gets quiet for a moment, then I feel it.


...On March 16th of this year, a near and dear friend of mine passed on.  He was the husband of a friend of mine, the two being an absolute trip to hang out with, especially the breakfast / coffee dates.  His wife, Katie, told me that her husband, Seamus, told her that talking to me was like talking to an old war buddy (I blame George Beiler for that one).  I was upset, but happy that God gave him the energy to move on, even though it was tough as all Hell for him to do so.

A few days later, I was to see the widow.  We planned a nosh date, just to talk and to catch up, something we loved to do, but we did this in honor of her husband.  That morning, before I woke up, it felt like someone was running their finger up and down my right arm.  It was gentle.  I checked the room to make sure it wasn't a cat (we have 2 in the house) and there wasn't.  It felt like Seamus has paid me a visit, he was sorry he didn't see me before his passing, and apologized, however, he will miss me and Katie and all the coffee fun we had.  Message received.

When I saw Katie, I told her about the experience.  I made sure she knew the touch wasn't anything perverted or gross, just a "hello" from her husband.  I believe he knew I was a bit different from other people so to speak and kinda picked me to speak for him.

We miss you, too, Seamus.  Say hello to my mom and Nancy for me.

Seeing Orbs...

My apologies for taking so long to update everyone on my more recent experiences.  It's been a bit hectic, forming the paranormal group, working on getting investigators trained and ready, working on ideas for more lectures and so forth.  So, here's what has been going on.

The lecture on the Results of the 2017 Paranormal Tours (and Past Tours) was a success.  My associate, Kel, and I nearly sold out the room (we had 37 sales, but the room holds roughly holds 40 people).  Kel was amazing and had no problems with speaking in public.  Me, on the other hand, was so nervous, I could barely hold on to my notebook, my laser pointer, and the microphone.  Fortunately, my voice carries quite well without the microphone.  Later, I will post my part of the lecture with pictures for those who'd like to read my half.

Now, on with the experience...

...I had been listening to my ghost box for about two weeks at work and have had great success with several names, voices, and words that came through.  I discovered that a few of the soldiers from the Paoli Battlefield disobeyed my requests and followed me to work.  They went by the names Ethan and Erik.  Of course, Walter and Bob came along too.  What is a female psychic medium supposed to do with 4 male spirits hanging around?  Talk about the spectral testosterone going on.  I know when they are around.  They all try to talk at once, which tends to give me headaches or it makes me sleepy (they like to use my energy to both talk and manifest).  

On one particular day, I decided to use the ghost box at home to see if the same spirits were hanging around (in another tale, when I first purchased the SB 7, when I asked if there were any spirits here in my room, a voice said, "We're here").  I got several words from the ghost box.  Different tones and voices.  I am guessing they were deciding on who was going to talk first. 

As I turned off the device, I witnessed two solid white orbs leave the device.  Clear as day and I had seen them with my own two eyes.  

They wanted me to have a more visual approach as opposed to just words.  Must have been a full house.  

When I say full house, I mean that there were many spirits here and, when I don't get the chance to speak with them all, a line starts to form and my room feels like a doctor's office.  Not the show...

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Holding It In...

Have you ever experienced anger, hate, sadness, or depressive feelings in your home?  Is it affecting your family, your pets? Are you seeing shadow figures, hearing hissing or dark voices? Having feelings of being watched?

I had to address someone through a paranormal website when they spoke of experiences they were having in their apartment.  Of course, it wasn't making sense to me.  This same person made another post and made the comment, "Having a third eye can be a problem sometimes."  That caught my attention.  Turns out, this guy had abilities.  Some of the ones he had were ones he could understand.  It was the latent abilities that he couldn't understand. 

Guy said that he was seeing shadow figures, hearing a hissing sound, along with a dark voice in his head.  There were a lot of depressive and angry thoughts, lots of frustration.  Upon talking to said guy, I had to ask my usual array of questions.  Was there depression always? Did the place have a history of haunting? Have you done anything that would possibly offend an entity? He said it was the "thoughts" may be creating a horrid environment.

I said that he needed to change his frame of thinking.  There may have been some troubles in his life, but they weren't a reason to get said guy all angry and depressed.  It was like this dude didn't know how to disperse his emotions constructively.  Because he could not, he was holding it all inside of him.   

If this guy had repressed psychic abilities and did not understand them, its possible that they were causing problems at this home.  Because of the dark thoughts, they were manifesting in his apartment.  Because they were dark and negative, that energy attracted dark shadows and an even darker force.  I hit the nail on the head, as he said to me.

Here is the remedy I gave to him.  Change the way you think.  Learn to use anger constructively.  Meditate, clear thoughts, good thoughts.  Do not fear because fear feeds darkness, makes it worse.  Gives the darkness access to power over him.I said a prayer in my mind with my heart for his safety and well being. Hopefully, he will be okay soon.

Even if you don't have abilities, it's not worth holding it all inside.  It will eat you alive.  You will have pain, you will suffer.  Release the energy.  Get the pain out.  Let go of the grief.  Set the depression free.  Only then, can you heal.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Paranormal Tour-Paoli Battlefield-Malvern, PA-Moved to June 9th

The Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund would like to announce the Private Spring Paranormal Tour, June 9th, 2018 at the historical Paoli Battlefield, located in beautiful Malvern, Pennsylvania.

The tour starts at 7 pm and ends around 11 pm.  We will start in the daylight and end in the dark, so make sure you dress appropriately for the season.  

You are more than welcome to use electronic equipment or share any equipment that our guides and investigators, from Malvern Paranormal Society, may have.  Just make sure the equipment is returned in the same condition that it was originally received.  It's appreciated.  

Please, a lot of our paths are somewhat hilly and can be full of exposed tree roots.  Make sure to wear sturdy shoes, bring an LED flashlight (two if possible, because, as we know, spirit uses a lot of energy to manifest, so bringing a backup is a good idea), and an open mind.

Bathroom facilities, snacks, a psychic medium, and non alcoholic drinks will be provided.  We ask that you dispose of all trash in the receptacles provided at the guest check in table and by the entrance to the park.  If you feel the need to snack while on the tour, please save all trash until the end.There is no smoking on the tour or on the main battlefield grounds or within the memorial grounds.

Keep your eye out on 
This is where the information and ticket reservations may be made.

See you there.

Mini Investigation of Borough Hall...

When I get the opportunity to do a mini investigation, I try to take advantage of it whole heartedly.  I have had a few interesting experiences because of it.  

One in particular, was at the Malvern Borough Hall.  Now, this is one of my favorite spots because 1) I get to visit here often and 2) showed that the place was active...twice.

I was curious as if there was more than just the smell of Oscar Mayer bologna.  I felt that there was more.  So, before a meeting of the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund, I decided to whip out my phone and switch on the Portal app.  

The Portal acts like and SB 7 Spirit box, but used voice banks and white noise in hopes that spirits will manipulate them and, if lucky enough, speak.

So I turned on the app and began using my mind to communicate (hoping they would hear the questions in my thoughts).  My first question was "What is my name?  Who am I?"  They never cease to amaze me. An older lady, maybe a school teacher, called out my name twice.

My second question was, "Is anyone here with us?" Seconds later, I heard a little kid say, "Here I am." Quite excitedly I might add.  Maybe this was the first time this little one heard his voice or that someone could feel and hear him.  

Pretty amazing...

Spring Paranormal Tour-Malvern, Pennsylvania

Just a few short days until the Spring Paranormal Tour at the amazing Paoli Battlefield, located in Malvern, Pennsylvania. There are a ...